Thursday, 25 October 2007

Dumbledore is gay: The Impact of (IMHO)

By now most Harry Potter fans with internet access will know about Albus being gay (don't tell me you don't know who Albus is). There's nothing in the books that clearly shows that he's homosexual, though that doesn't mean JKR cannot perceive him as gay. After all, she wrote the books, so she should have the say, while the rest of us should look on, give opinion on, and nothing more. Interestingly, at least one actor from the Harry Potter movies thought that his character(i.e. not Albus) is gay (and portrayed the character as such).

What do I think of this? That should be obvious from the previous paragraph. But many criticized JKR's decision. Some say it's a kind of gimmick on her part. Others say she tacked it on at the last minute (actually after the last minute if u know what I mean). Even worse, there are some who condemned her action for antigay reasons. I group those people with the ones who consider the Harry Potter books as teaching witchcraft and banning them. I wonder how is Harry Potter different from countless other magic-practising protagonists of fantasy novels? Why is he singled out by those witchhunters?


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