Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Thoughts on fantastical magic.

Why do I like magic? (And by magic I mean Harry Potter and Dungeons & Dragons magic, not wicca & folklore magic.) Maybe because of its reality-altering consequences (u can be anything u want, u just need sufficient knowledge and/or power). Maybe because a toddler with magic is far, far more dangerous than Batman mixed with James Bond at the height of their careers. Maybe because magic is encompassing (who wants to be Cyclops when u can be Mimic- I know, neither of them are magical people, but that's the analogy that sprung to mind).

Just a thought- western magic as popularised by 20th century novels and films are (I think) a recent creation. In the past western magic was more superstitious- no elemental bolts or telekinesis, just plain old curses, charms, potions, etc. All those alleged witches killed in the past were not hunted down because of their earth-shattering powers, but because they allegedly cursed this and concocted that. More like alchemists than sorcerers (what self-respecting sorcerer would bend over a smelly old cauldron while cackling and looking extremely warty? What, never thought of glamour spells? Enslaving others to do the boiling for you?)


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