Saturday, 27 October 2007

Today's Reading

Here's some more readings for Fri 26 Oct, this time taken from Luke 12: 54-59.

Jesus also said to the crowds, “When you see a cloud rising in the west, you say at once, ‘A rainstorm is coming,’ and it does. And when you see the south wind blowing, you say, ‘There will be scorching heat,’ and there is. You hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky, but how can you not know how to interpret the present time?
“And why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right? As you are going with your accuser before the magistrate, make an effort to settle with him on the way, so that he will not drag you before the judge, and the judge hand you over to the officer, and the officer throw you into prison. I tell you, you will never get out of there until you have paid the very last cent!”

*A side note- do you know why 'cloud rising in the west' means rain and 'south wind blowing' means scorching heat? The answer lies in the geography of the Palestinian lands. To the west is the sea, while to the south is more desert. So any cloud coming from the west will be full of moisture, while wind from the south will have absolutely none.


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