Friday, 9 November 2007

What is modesty?

Traditionally, adults in our society sought to protect young women from male sexual exploitation in two ways. First, they made rules: Decent boys treat girls like ladies; college students live in single-sex dorms. Second, they respected and encouraged girls' natural modesty. In their view, modesty -- the quality which leads human beings to avoid sexual displays -- acts as a kind of armor to protect girls' sexual vulnerability. Modesty provides a crucial counterweight to girls' desire to please boys, and their tendency to place great importance on personal relationships. Far from oppressing girls, modesty puts them on equal footing with boys, by prompting them to avoid casual sex while they search for a suitable lifelong partner.

Let me elaborate further on this. Most girls yearn to find a man who will respect and love them forever, while most boys just want to have fun (sexual fun, that is) so long as they can find a willing partner. Thus a difference between boys and girls is that, the day after sex, the girls wait for the boys to call. The boys have got what they wanted, and to get more may not be as much fun as moving on to other girls.

This is not to say that boys are incapable of commitment and true, long-lasting love. Just don't look for these things in boys chock-filled with testosterone. Also this doesn't mean girls are not as capable of fun-searching and betrayal. In some cases it's even worse. Some girls may use sex to fulfil their emotional needs alone or to gain power over men. But I digress.

Though modesty may not stop boys from sexually desiring a girl, immodesty will definitely increase the chances and frequency. Girls being who they are (they laugh at naked men. Can you find me a man who laughs at naked girls?) cannot imagine the power of a fine female body on the eyes, mind, heart and penis of a staright man. If they do, they would be more tolerant of oogling. They would dress modestly so they wouldn't cause the poor fella they come across to entertain lustful thoughts. They wouldn't go for men who are attracted solely by their female form and then complain when those men prove untrustworthy.

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