Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Memorial of Peter Chrysologus, Bishop & Doctor

Today we Catholics celebrate the memory of Peter Chrysologus (Chrysologus means golden-worded). Here is a short blurb on his life (taken from Wikipedia):

- born in Imola (406 A.D.), same place as where he was ordained as a deacon
- appointed by Pope Sixtus III to be Bishop of Ravenna in 433 A.D.
- known for his short but inspired talks
- died in the year 450 or later
- declared a Doctor of the Church in 1729
- his feast day was inserted in the Roman Catholic calendar of saints for celebration on 30 July
- some quotable quotes:
"Anyone who wishes to frolic with the devil cannot rejoice with Christ."
"Brothers, let us be sinners by our own admission, so that with Christ's forgiveness we may be sinners no more."


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