Thursday, 7 August 2008

Memorial of Pope Saint Sixtus II and Saint Cajetan

Let's look to Wikipedia for more information on Pope Saint Sixtus II:
- pope from August 30, 257 A.D. to August 6, 258 A.D.
- restored the relations with the African and Eastern churches
- died as a martyr during persecution by the Roman Emperor Valerian I.

And here's the info on Saint Cajetan from Wikipedia:
- born at Vicenza (then part of the Republic of Venice) in October 1480
- studied law in Padua and received degree as doctor utriusque juris (i.e., in civil and canon law) at age 24
- in 1506 worked as diplomat for Pope Julius II with whom he helped reconcile the Venetian Republic
- became a priest in 1516
- in 1517 founded a hospital for incurables in Vicenza
- founded the Order of the Clerics Regular, a.k.a. the Theatines
- died in Naples in 1547, beatified in 1629, and canonized in 1671
- patron saint of the unemployed, gamblers and job seekers with feast day on August 7


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