Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Memorial of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

So who is this particular St. Bernard? Let's look to Wikipedia:

- born in 1090 A.D. in Fontaines, France
- sought admission into the Cistercian order, and 3 years later (on 25 June 1115) was sent to found a new house that Bernard named Claire Vallée, of Clairvaux
- in 1128 assisted at the Council of Troyes, at which he traced the outlines of the Rule of the Knights Templar
- was chosen to judge between rival popes (Innocent II and Anacletus II) when a schism broke out in the Church after the death of Pope Honorius II in 1130
- in 1139 assisted at the Second Council of the Lateran
- denounced the teachings of Peter Abelard to the Pope who called a council at Sens in 1141 to settle the matter. There Bernard won a public debate against Abelard, causing Abelard to retire
- preached against various heresies in France
- was commissioned to preach a Second Crusade, though it failed.
- died on 20 August 1153 after 40 years spent in the cloister
- canonized by Pope Alexander III 18 January 1174 & was the first Cistercian monk placed on the calendar of saints
- Pope Pius VIII bestowed on him the title of Doctor of the Church.


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