Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Memorial of Saint Monica of Hippo

Here's something I found on this saint of today (taken from Wikipedia):

- born at Tagaste (located in modern-day Algeria) in 332 A.D.
- though brought up as a Christian, she was married off to an older, pagan man named Patricius who was given to violent tempers and adultery- eventually she converted him to Christianity and calmed his violent nature
- bore three children, among them Saint Augustine- joined him in Italy when Patricius died
- died in 387 A.D. at the port of Ostia
- her saying to women who had bad marriages: "If you can master your tongue, not only do you run less risk of being beaten, but perhaps you may even, one day, make your husband better."
- her last words to her son Augustine: There was indeed one thing for which I wished to tarry a little in this life, and that was that I might see you a Catholic Christian before I died. My God hath answered this more than abundantly, so that I see you now made his servant and spurning all earthly happiness. What more am I to do here?"


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