Thursday, 21 August 2008

Memorial of Saint Pius X, pope

So who is this pope turned saint? Here's what Wikipedia has on him:

- born Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto in Riese, province of Treviso, Italy on June 2, 1835
- attended the Seminary of Padua after which he was ordained a priest on September 18, 1858 and became chaplain at Tombolo
- became Arch-Priest of Salzano in 1867
- was made Canon (or Chancellor) of the Cathedral and Diocese of Treviso
- was elected to the position of Bishop of Treviso in 1879
- was made Cardinal-Priest of Saint Bernardo alle Terme on June 12, 1893 by Pope Leo XIII
- three days later was publicly named Patriarch of Venice
- On 4 August 1903, was elected to the 257th Pontificate- took as his Papal name Pius X, out of respect for his recent predecessors of the same name
- was a fervent reformer of Church practices and regulations such as the Canon Law, his most important reform, which for the first time codified Church law in a central fashion
- was a Marian Pope - to him, there is no safer or more direct road than Mary, who is uniting all mankind in Christ
- down to earth and practical teachings, favoured the use of modern language in Catechesis
- defended the Catholic faith against popular 19th century views such as indifferentism (a condemned heresy that holds that one religion is as good as another, and that all religions are equally valid paths to salvation), relativism (denial of the capacity of the human mind and reason to arrive at absolute truth, i.e. God), and modernism (a theological school of thought which claimed that Catholic dogma itself should be modernized and blended with modern philosophies)
- often referred to his own humble origins: I was born poor, I have lived poor, and I wish to die poor.
- died on 20 August 1914, declared "Venerable" on 12 February 1943, beatified on 17 February 1952, and canonized on 29 May 1954 - was the first Pope since Pope Pius V to be canonized


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