Saturday, 23 August 2008

Memorial of Saint Rose of Lima

Let's look to Wikipedia to know more about this saint (the first Catholic saint of the Americas):

- born on April 20 1586 in the city of Lima (the capital of Peru) under the baptismal name of Isabel Flores de Oliva
- her nickname Rosa (Rose) came about because when she was a baby a servant claimed to have seen her face transform into a rose
- began to tell of visions, revelations, visitations and voices when she started her penitential practices, e.g. fasting three times a week with secret severe penances
- was determined to take a vow of virginity in opposition to her parents who wished her to marry
- helped the sick and hungry around her community by bringing them to her home and taking care of them- sold fine needlework, grew beautiful flowers to sell to help her family
- entered a Dominican convent in 1602- donned the habit and took a vow of perpetual virginity
- redoubled the severity and variety of her penances to a heroic degree- this self-martyrdom continued without relaxation until she died at the age of 31 on August 30, 1617
- beatified by Pope Clement IX in 1667 and canonized in 1671 by Pope Clement X
- patroness of Lima, the Americas, the Philippines, and Sittard (in the Netherlands)- patron saint of Santa Rosa, California


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