Saturday, 16 August 2008

Memorial of St. Stephen the First of Hungary

Now who is this saint? Let's look to Wikipedia:

- Grand Prince of the Magyars (997 A.D.-1000/1001 A.D.) and the first King of Hungary (1000 A.D./1001-1038 A.D.)
- generally considered as the founder of Hungary
- born under the pagan name "Vajk", but was baptized a Christian and given the name "Stephen" (István in Hungarian)
- claimed to rule the Magyars by the principle of Christian divine right, not by the traditional right of seniority
- discouraged pagan customs and strengthened Christianity with various laws
- intended to retire to a life of holy contemplation and hand the kingdom over to his son Emeric, but Emeric was wounded in a hunting accident and died in 1031
- died on the Feast of the Assumption (August 15) in the year 1038 at Székesfehérvár
- was canonized by Pope Gregory VII as Saint Stephen of Hungary in 1083


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