Thursday, 28 August 2008

My Thoughts on Today's Bible Readings

Today's gospel reading talks about vigilance- vigilance in watching out for thieves, and vigilance in waiting for the Lord to return. Lack of vigilance on a householder's part would allow a thief to break into the house and steal the householder's valuables. Similarly, lack of vigilance on our part against sin would allow it to fester in our hearts, minds and souls until we lose a most valuable treasure- God's Spirit in us. Lack of vigilance on waiting for the Lord's return would mean behaving as if there is no final accounting for good behaviour and sinful deeds. Think about it. The servant who thinks his/her good deeds will go unrewarded (even with a simple 'Thank You') would become unmotivated to do such deeds. The servant who thinks his/her sinful behaviour would go unpunished would succumb to the desires of the flesh, of which cruelty and drunkenness are examples of. There IS a final accounting. This accounting causes dismay for those who are unprepared, but it brings joyful hope to those who eagerly wait for the Lord's return in glory. The Lord's judgment is good news for those who are ready to meet him. Their reward is the Lord himself, the source of all truth, beauty, goodness, love and everlasting life.So let us be vigilant against sin, always doing good deeds as the Lord prompts us, as He gives us the Holy Spirit in order that we may have the wisdom, assistance, and strength we need to embrace God's way of love, justice, and holiness.


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