Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Memorial of Saint Nicholas of Tolentino

Let's find out who this saint is (source: Wikipedia)

- known as the Patron of Holy Souls
- born circa 1246 A.D. at Sant'Angelo in Pontano, Italy
- named after St. Nicholas of Myra
- became an Augustinian Friar at the age of 18, became a monk at Recanati and Macerata,
and was ordained at the age of 25
- moved to Tolentino in 1274 as result of a vision he had
- famous for Saint Nicholas Bread, a certain type of bread roll that had been dipped in water - distributed these rolls while praying to Mary as result of a vision he had
- preached, worked wonders, healed people, visited prisoners (always telling those he helped, "Say nothing of this"), received visions (including images of Purgatory), and had a great devotion to the recently dead
- died in 1305 A.D.


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