Tuesday, 2 September 2008

My Thoughts on Today's Bible Readings

In today's gospel readings, when Jesus taught he spoke with authority. What does this mean? It means he spoke of the Scriptures as no one had spoken it before. The Rabbis supported their statements with quotes from other authorities. The prophets spoke with delegated authority – Thus says the Lord. But when Jesus spoke he needed no authorities to back his statements. He was authority incarnate – the Word of God made flesh. When he spoke, God spoke. When he commanded even demons obeyed. No wonder his people were amazed. But the same Jews who were amazed at his authority did not acknowledge that authority when the rabbis falsely accused and crucified him. Thus is the lesson: it is one thing to be amazed about someone (his/her words, deeds, etc.). It is another to take the words and deeds to heart and allow them to change oneself. So let us not only be amazed at the Lord's authority but also take his words to heart with an eagerness to do everything the Lord desires.


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