Monday, 8 September 2008

My Thoughts on Today's Bible Readings

What is the significance of Jesus's genealogy that we read about in today's gospel reading? His genealogy is arranged in three sections portraying the three great stages in the spiritual history of the people of the Old Covenant. The first stage begins with Abraham, the father of the chosen people, and ends with David, God's anointed King. The second stage takes us to the exile of God's people in Babylon. This is the period of Israel's shame and disaster due to her unfaithfulness. The third stage takes us to Jesus, God's anointed Messiah. Jesus the Messiah is the direct descent of Abraham and David, and the rightful heir to David's throne. God in his mercy fulfilled his promises to Abraham and to David that he would send a Savior and a King to rule over the house of Israel and to deliver them from their enemies. Jesus is the fulfillment of all God's promises. And the one through whom Jesus came is the Blessed Virgin Mary. Without her yes He would not have come. That's why she is so important.
(Taken from Daily Reading and Meditation)


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