Monday, 22 October 2007

2 b myself or not 2 b myself?

It's hard to decide when the yourself is considered by many to be weird. I've had people telling me that my weirdness puts others off- that they are rather uninterested in making/maintaining friendships with weird ole me. Which makes me sad, as I not only would like to have lots of friends but also find it difficult to make friends with people who don't approach me first with offers of friendship. Kinda paradox, ain't it? Ah well, at least I have a true friend in JC (the LoG/GtS). He loves me exactly for who I am. Besides, I shouldn't fit myself into a model of others' expectations of me- I've learned from experience that that is a painful thing 2 do. Besides, this is kind of a litmus test [any kind of social indicator used to classify someone either favorably or unfavorably] as those who would be put of by my alleged weirdness would probably not be good friends of mine, ever.


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