Monday, 22 October 2007

Some websites...

Here are some of my fav websites...

1) - An online encyclopaedia. Extremely detailed.

2) - A site reviewing video games. I mostly use it to check the playability of PC games I wanna buy.

3) - A site with links to patches of games, among other things.

4) - A site with reviews of upcoming movies. The reason why I like this site is that the reviewer is "noted for his lengthy and learned analysis of films and has kept an open mind in viewing films in all subjects. His reviews are frequently peppered with dry humor and offer extensive explanation pertaining to background information on a film. His articles often delve deeper than just the film itself, frequently offering background information or unusual educational tidbits" ( Yep, I do recommend him.

5) - For those who would rather read a TV show than watch it (like me- who wouldn't, with the actors' accents and all those ads), this website has quite a few scripts. It's not thorough, but it'll do (4 now...)


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