Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Why it is wrong to hate Jews.

1) Racism is an ugly thing. Besides, to hate Jews is to side with Hitler and his Nazis. And since they killed millions of people, I'd rather not do that.

2) To hate Jews because they killed Palestinians is to say they have less right to kill Palestinians than Palestinians have to kill them. My opinion is no one have the right to kill each other. So until one group stopped killing the other I'll withold judgment on who's right and who's wrong. Besides, for Muslims to side with Palestinians because they are Muslims is the same as the Holy See siding with Irish terrorists just because they are Catholics. And since the Holy See didn't do that, (and if they had I'll leave the Catholic Church instantly), the Malaysian government had little justification in siding with the Palestinians.

3) Since when is it morally right for a race to be punishable for the sins of a few of them? Granted, Israel did do violent things to Palestinians in the name of subduing them, and "an eye for an eye" is never right. But those Palestinians never heard of peaceful resolution? Of Gandhi and his peaceful protest? Did they think that they would be able to cow an entire nation through murderous means?


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